Almaty, Kazakhstan
17-21 November
Asanali Ashimov

Asanali Ashimov

USSR People's Artist, Kazakh SSR State Award Winner, Honorary President of Kazakhstan Filmmakers Union, Kazakhstan's Hero of Labor, Honorary President of Shaken Aimanov IFF
Dear participants and guests of our festival!

I have two lives. One is my personal life, second is my creative life, including my life in films that started 60 years back, and still counting. The Kazakh cinema, which was birthed and nurtured by Shaken Aimanov, is an inalienable part of me and my life. So a part of my mission is to convey the firsthand knowledge of the history of our cinema and the titans who were at its onset to the younger generations and the people in general.

People need such festivals. Film is an art that belongs to the people. Films help our talent, culture and literature get exposure abroad. Our government supports Kazakh film industry. Thanks to such support, we have an opportunity to have such festivals. This year, the film festival once known as Stars of Shaken is happening for its 14th time now. This year, our festival gets a restart under new name, with new content, on a new level.

I am happy we have an opportunity to organize and uphold the festival of higher profile. This way we can glorify Kazakh cinema’s history and become a culturally self-sufficient country

I urge Almaty residents - those who love films, - to come and be guests of the 14th edition of Shaken Aimanov International Film Festival.

Let’s watch good films…
Asanali Ashimov

Arystanbek Mukhamediuly

Kazakh Minister of Culture and Sports
Dear contestants and guests of the 14th Shaken Aimanov International Film Festival!

I would like to welcome you at our Festival. Previously known as Stars of Shaken, this year the new format of the Festival opens under the new name. This festival is special as it focuses on Turkic language films and sees its mission in uniting filmmakers from the Turkic-speaking world in Central Asia’s heart, Kazakhstan. It is a way to contribute to economic, political, social and cultural growth of Kazakhstan, strengthen dialogue of cultures in the Turkic-speaking world and expand Kazakhstan’s spiritual, cultural and filmmaking relations with other countries. The festival will also contribute to Kazakh motion picture arts and film industry growth

I am sure that the 14th Shaken Aimanov International Festival will showcase the world’s best filmmaking achievements, reunions with prominent film directors and actors and will invite new opportunities and prospects for Kazakh cinema.

I look forward to this celebration of film arts and wish our guests and contestants all the success and fruitful cooperation, and unique cinematic experiences to our viewers!
Yermek Tursunov

Yermek Tursunov

Film Director, Kazakhstan Filmmakers Union Chairperson, General Director of Shaken Aimanov IFF
Dear friends!

Cinema is a synthetic art. I mean that it contains elements of theater, music, ballet, painting, sculpture, photography and even architecture. It is one of the youngest art forms, either. It has no such cultural background as, say, theater. Yet, film art is unique in its ability to unite people. A language of film is understood everywhere and it has no borders.

Any film festival is, first of all, a showcase. It is something of an achievements’ expo where filmgoers can see the best exhibits of the art. However, we all understand that true art, by definition, isn’t about competition. Can we really judge whose world perception is better or whose creative imagination is brighter? It’s all extremely subjective. Hence, the winners are everyone: contestants, organizers, and the audience.

So welcome! It's going to be interesting!


About Kulagher

The annual Kulagher national motion pictures award was established by Kazakhstan Filmmaking Union. The goal of Kulagher national motion pictures award is to monitor and assess quality of national films’ development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To analyze quality of films made by the state-owned studio and private studios, as well as co-productions (with state-owned and private studios) an Expert Commission is established under the aegis of the Kazakhstan Filmmaking Union. The Expert Commission under the aegis of the Kazakhstan Filmmaking Union is established for a three years term, with its composition approved by the Kazakhstan Filmmaking Union Board.

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